Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Maddness!!!

Guess I should have seen that one coming.  I mean, in my opinion, this was the hugest collaboration that Target has done with a major fashion house ever.  But, crashing the entire Target website all day and thousands of women lining up around city blocks at 6:00am and it selling out in stores in NYC in 10 minutes?  I didn't expect that!  

I have been looking so forward to this launch and went last night as planned (we had a super busy day including a concert at the downtown library, visiting my mom's office, and stopping by my old office so I couldn't go until after the kiddos had gone to bed.).  Sadly, the pickings were very slim.  I went to two different Targets in my area and I could not believe how empty the racks and shelves were.  I struck up conversations with other shoppers who were clearly there only for the Missoni items and they were surprised as well.  One of them told me that was her third trip to a Target in one day!  

However, I did luck up on a few cute things that were left and in my size.  I picked up this dress (the LAST item on the entire rack) and this adorable cardigan (again, last man standing).  I'm not just saying this....not only is this stuff so super cute (when else can us common folk have the coveted zig zag items??) but they are surprisingly well make and luxurious feeling.  The dress is lined and fits like a glove (hits me at just the right spot on my thighs that is so slimming!!!) and the cardigan is ahhhdorable on.  I had to spring for the tights too!  So cute!  

I couldn't resist these items for the home as well.  So stinking cute!  

I feel lucky that I was able to find a few things left in my size because after looking at Facebook and online, so many people went to their Targets and found nothing but barren racks.  Mostly everything is sold out online and according to a Yahoo article  there will be very little replenishing the stores.  I checked and this little dress and sweater are already going for more than double on ebay.  Hey, I guess I have options if I change my mind!  Make a little profit, eh? 

So, did anyone else luck out and find some Missoni items yesterday??  Let's hear all about it!!!

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