Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Fall Y'all!

It's officially fall, one of my most favorite seasons!  I'm especially looking forward to this year as the kids are big enough now to get out and do fun things.   I just know they will love visiting the local pumpkin patches, hayrides, bonfires and all of the fun fall traditions.  

I haven't decorated for fall in three years so I was excited about getting some of my things out of storage.   The kids are still curious and will grab anything within reach so I'm not going all out, but I thought a few fall touches would be fun.  (I'm still undecided on if I'm going to decorate for Halloween too or just do a few fall things and hold out for Christmas.  Call me lazy?)

First of all, my mom is super crafty.  I have been seeing pennants all over Pinterest and blogland so I just knew that I wanted one.  I showed her a few that I loved and she went right to work and surprised me with this original she made just for ME!!!!  Isn't it just so stinkin' cute???  It's hanging on the mirror right in our foyer for all of our guests to see.  I LOVE it!  Thanks mom!

I also did a few things for the mantle.  Nothing amazing, just a garland that I've had for years and a few scattered pumpkins. 

 I got the idea for the pumpkins on the candlesticks from a photo that I saw on Pinterest (do you all spend as much time on there as I do?  I seriously need to step away!!!).  The reindeer moss really dresses them up and adds a little something special.  

Then just a few more pumpkins in a vase and waalaa!  My oh so observant kiddos noticed the fall touches immediately this morning and were excited to see the pumpkins.  I have to say, that kinda made my morning!  I love that they notice and get excited about the little things!  
Speaking of my kiddos, honestly, like, how cute are they???  What is it about kids in pajamas?  Ugh, my heart melts every time I look at this picture.  I am BEYOND BLESSED!

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