Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cold Summer Salads

I love summer!  One of my favorite summer traditions is homegrown tomatoes.
Two of my grandparents who have passed away during the past two years 
absolutely loved tomatoes and were always sharing their loot with us.  As much as I love
the taste of homegrown tomatoes, I also love sharing tomatoes with my own little family and 
in some weird way feel a connection to our grandparents when enjoying them.

This past weekend we went to our local Farmers Market and scooped up some fresh veggies.  Yum!  
But, the hubby and I are so bored with salads with the usual lettuce, veggies and dressing 
so I decided to create my own little "cold salad" using the veggies. 

For this particular salad, I had some left over corn on the cob that the hubs had cooked
on the grill (my absolute favorite way to eat corn on the cob!  If you haven't grilled your corn you 
simply must!  Just soak your corn (husk and all) in some cold water for at least 30 minutes 
then throw it on the grill.  The corn steams itself inside the husk and it brings out the most
amazing flavor ever!)

Back to my salad, I cut the corn off the cob and then added some fresh onion, 
diced tomatoes, a small jalapeno pepper (from our own little container garden on our back deck!)
and some feta cheese.  Then I just squeezed some fresh lemon juice and added some
salt and pepper.  Oh my!  It's delish!

So easy and so yummy!  Now this is the only way I want to eat my veggies now!  
I also tried the same thing only instead of the corn I used fresh cucumbers.  
So good!  And so good for you!!!

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