Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{DIY} Chevron Doormat

Morning, y'all!

Today I am sharing with you my DIY Chevron Doormat!

I wanted to add a little color to my front porch area and I wanted to make 
it something festive but also something that would last all summer.
In my opinion, you can never go wrong with red, white and blue!

I had been wanting to attempt my own DIY rug/doormat for quite sometime and 
this seemed like as good a time as any!  For this, all you need is your rug, some 
masking tape and spray paint.  The plain rug was surprisingly hard to find.  
I ended up finding this natural fiber one at Home Depot for just under $8.

After lots of trial and error To make the process easier, I measured 6 inch 
pieces of tape to make my pattern:

And then taped to the rug in my desired pattern:

Then I got busy painting:

And here she is!  I have to say, I'm quite pleased with her!  

There are a few areas of overspray of paint on the portion that was taped.  
If and when I attempt this project again I will try to be more precise with the angle 
that I am spraying to help with that.  Then again, it could just be that the tape 
didn't want to adhere to the rug at all.  Overall, I'm still very happy 
with my custom rug for under $10!

To add a little more color and add a festive touch, I simply wrapped a foam
wreath with fabric strips and added some DIY felt flowers.  
(There are tons of tutorials online on how to make these felt easy!!!)

To finish, I added a tropical looking plant and a bright red pot of flowers.
My mom got me the "Welcome" star as a gift.  (I think from Michael's?)
It goes perfectly with my "Stars and Stripes" theme!  

What about you guys?  How are you adding "summer" to your decor? 
Have you attempted a painted DIY rug?  I'm itching to try another
one, possibly for something inside!  Hmmm...???


  1. Can I just tell you HOW excited I am that you are doing Creative activities for MOPS!! You are soo stinking good. Love the mat and the wreath is waaaaay too cute!!! You have a creative gene for sure!

  2. Awesome!!
    I have a couple of rugs that the "welcome" has worn off of (ha), I'll have to try this on them.

  3. That is a fabulous rug! Love the color - it would look great on my porch!

  4. Oh man, I LOVE this rug! We are in desperate need of new rugs for the front stoop and on the back deck. I am soooo doing this! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I love your chevron mat. Your wreath looks great too. Have a wonderful 4th!

  6. LOVE the DIY chevron rug!! Such a fun idea!

  7. I love this post- thank you for linking up! I'm featuring it tomorrow on my blog:)

  8. This is great, too!! And I think it could work just the same for winter...maybe with red or green or both. (I gotta work quick before my hubs puts an end to my chevron obsession)


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