Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Entryway and Projects

Hello Hello!

Well, tomorrow is the BIG day!  The kiddos will be going back to preschool 
two days a week and I will get six whole hours to myself
on each of those days to work on some MUCH needed projects
and enjoy some quite time.  Bless their hearts.  They are precious kids, but 
I'm looking forward to some mommy-only time around the house!

I haven't posted in a while because I haven't done anything new around the house 
except create a huge mess!  I did update our foyer table for summer 
with items I already had lying around the house.  I stole this table
runner from the kitchen because I felt like there were just way too many
wood tones happening.  I think this helped to add a little color as well 
as some $3 grocery store flowers and the green bird candle.  

The mess that I mentioned above is all because of this guest bedroom/storage room that 
will soon be the girl's room.  You would not believe how much stuff was crammed into this room!
As of right now, what has been cleared out is now in the dining room.  Lovely.  
Here's where we are now:

Have you ever?!?  I HOPE that this weekend we will be able to clear everything else out
and bring the new twin beds in that were given to us by my in-laws.  I have their bedding
and I've picked up a few accessories for their room.  We are probably not going to paint the 
walls so I am planning to add color with accessories and art.  

Other than that, I also have plans for this guy who is in serious need of love:

My problem is that I have decorating A.D.D. and move from room to room
without ever completing anything!  I am really going to try to focus and 
utilize my new found freedom free time wisely! 

Wish me luck!

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