Friday, February 10, 2012

Closet Organization: Before & After!

So, I mentioned last week that I was planning on organizing my closet and I was 
finally able to tackle it!  Yesterday morning, as soon as I dropped off the kiddos at Mother's
Day Out, I immediately went to work on it.  

Y'all, I really hate to post my dirty laundry (literally!) on here, but in order for
 you guys to get a full appreciation of the "after", I simply must show you the "before".

Are you ready for this hot mess???

Don't even think that I staged this chaos.  This is fo reals.  
I am a slob.
I could blame it on the fact that I have triplets and don't have the time to organize this mess.
Honestly, I didn't know what to do or how to even start.  All I knew was that something had to give.
I started out by editing every single article of clothing in there.  Those size 2's from my pre-pregnancy 
days?  Gone.  I had to just face the fact that I would never fit in those again.
If I hadn't worn it in a few years it was outta there.  Clearly, I was long overdo for a clean out session!

Another part of the problem was just the organization itself (or complete lack of!).
Nothing had a real home. 
But that, my friends, has changed!

Take a look now!

I got rid of bags and bags of clothes and shoes.  
I added the little ottoman that I found for 50% off at World Market
to give me a place to sit when putting on shoes instead of the floor.  Seriously, why 
am I JUST now thinking of that????  It will also act as a step stool 
when I need to reach tote bags or purses that I put 
in some bins on the top shelf that I already had laying around.

Everything has a home.  Jammies, workout clothes, and sweat pants all have their own
drawer.  Y'all, I even went so far as to organize my tee drawer for the solids, 
one for the prints, and one for tanks!!!

I cleared off the top of the dresser and added 
some jewelry displays and a cross painting that I did with 
my friends at "Sips-n-Strokes" last week.  I didn't have anywhere 
else to put it and now I can enjoy it in here!
I found that cork board in the garage and added some pins to hang necklaces on.
Now that there are decorative things on top of the dresser I can't
just throw clothes up there anymore!

I put all of my handbags back in their dust bags.  Before putting them away I 
even cleaned out every single one which I never do!  I always just leave pens, gum, receipts, etc 
in them.  Not anymore!  Not the "new" me!  Ha!

Over here I stashed my sunglasses and some wristlets.  I like to use those to keep
lipgloss in while on the go.  Now I can just grab the one that I want to use instead of hunting 
through all of my other handbags looking for them (see above).
The little seagrass basket has mini hand sanitizers and mints.

Even though every single free second of the last 24 hours has been spent working on this 
closet, it was completely worth it.  I actually enjoy going in there now!
Total cost for this project was the $39 for the ottoman!
Here's hoping that I can keep it this way!!

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