Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Things!

Sometimes it's just the new little touches here and there that make me happy.
For instance, check out my new chevron pillow (I know!  More chevron??  The answer is: yes!!!)
that I found on Etsy!  (at the Milk & Cookies shop, she has TONS of gorgeous pillow covers!)

I really wanted to add a neutral pillow to the couch and I think 
this was the perfect solution!  Plus, it actually works in any room
in the house so I can always move it around if I want
to change things up.

Then, I scooped up some new towels for the main bathroom at World Market.  You 
can find them here.  Somehow I managed to find them at 50% off (they are still full price on the website).  Score!!!
Everything was pretty neutral in there so these little towels added a 
little color.

And yes, I have a jar of M&M's on my bathroom counter.  I know, gross.  But
when you're potty training three toddlers, you do what ya gotta do! 

What about you?  Don't you get super excited when you find that 
perfect little towel or accessory?

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