Friday, March 2, 2012

Refrigerator Organization!

Once again, in my quest to make my home more organized and effecient
I decided to organize the dreaded fridge!!!
I apologize for not taking any before pics.  The clean out all started 
because there was a funky smell in the kitchen and we could not figure out where it 
was coming from so I literally took everything out until I found the culprit.  
(left over Mexican from about two weeks ago.  Ewwww.)
But, you've seen my closet and my pantry, so you can just
use your imagination here.  Let me assure you,
it was in bad shape!

Our fridge has always been a mess with no place ever having a home of it's own. 
You just shove it in where ever there was room.  So, I knew that I wanted
to organize every inch of the fridge to make each shelf or bin make sense.

I found these adorable peel and stick chalkboard labels from the 
Martha Stewart collection at Staples.  (SO many cute things in her line!!!) 
I already had the chalk maker from Hobby Lobby.

Of course I threw out some outdated condiments and dressings and some uneaten leftovers.  After
I cleared out all of the food I cleaned and scrubbed all of the drawers, shelves and bins.
Then, I put everything back in and gave it all a permanent home.  

See below?  This is a perfect example of how an organized
fridge will be more efficient....FOUR containers of opened mayo!  Now that 
we can clearly see what we have hopefully this won't happen again and in the
end save us money. 

This little tiny shelf was like the black hole of the fridge.  You have to squat down to see
what is in there (that's where the leftover Mexican food was hiding!) so I purchased
these little bins at Wally World to house the kid's yogurts and juice boxes.
They fit perfectly!  No more black hole!

This little teal bin is from Target and will store the fresh veggies and the 
small bin is for snacks. 

(Why yes, that is a BOX of Chardonnay.  Keepin' it classy over here at the Moonpie House.)  
And my key to surviving triplets?  Coffee-mate creamer and Diet Coke. 
 And that box of Chardonnay.)

I found the little bin around the house (originally found in the Target dollar aisle) 
that is perfect for slice cheese.  

The meat drawer...

Ahh!  So refreshing!  
Now, the freezer, that's another story.
One project at a time!!!

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  1. An organized life is a HAPPY life! And you'll save on electricity since the door won't be open while you're searching for items. I just love your projects - great job! How do you find the time?

    1. I get a lot of help from my momma (wink wink!)! Love you!

  2. Oh my Martha, I need some of those labels! They are absolutely adorable! :) Stupid Martha and her awesome things. I LOVE the way you organized your fridge. I am having such a hard time organizing mine and reading this really helped!


    1. Aren't those labels to die for? So cute! I picked up some other round labels with a teal boarder that I'm going to use in my pantry. I can't tell you how much more efficient our kitchen is now that it is organized! Totally wort the time! Let me know how yours turns out!!!! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Im moving next weekend, and I have huge plans to really organize my fridge and pantry. Im pinning this so I can refer back to it. Thanks so much for the amazing inspiration!

  4. I love it, now can you come and do mine?:)

  5. I love that I am not the only one labeling her frigde! <3 Super fantastic!


  6. WOW!! I thought mine was fun....but LOVE your fridge!!This looks wonderful!! And you have triplets!!


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