Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rock & Republic Jeans at Kohl's!

Did you all know that Kohl's is now exclusively selling Rock & Republic jeans???

I have always been a fan of their jeans although I have only ever ownd one pair and I was only
able to purchase that particular pair because they were maaaaaaajorly discounted due to a 
hole that I had to have repaired.  I think I only paid $25 for them which I thought was a steal 
since they retailed for about $160 and up.  

So, imagine my surprise when I heard that Kohl's was now carrying their jeans.  
Of course I had to go scope them out.

You know what?  They are adorable!  
I was pleasantly surprised.

I decided on this pair, the Berlin Skinny.

I'm a mom of three and in my 30's so I don't typically do a lot of skinny jeans, but these
really are perfect!  They are a little stretchy which is good because they are super
comfy and they also have a slimming effect.  As an added bonus they sit a little higher on the 
hip even though they are considered low-rise.  This is perfect for me because they
help to hold in my belly bulge (gross, I know, but it's true) and I won't show
my butt crack to other moms at the park.  They are skinny but not crazy 
skinny at the bottom, just skinny enough to look cool.  They are the 
perfect shade of blue with just enough distressing so that they can
 be dressed up or down (today I'm wearing them rolled up at the bottom with a tank and 
Chaco's for a picnic in the park, but they are equally cute with a 
dressy top and heels.  So versatile!)

And here's the very best part.  The price!!!  Right now they are retailing on sale
for $59.99!  The regular price says $80, but you know Kohl's, they always
have their items on sale.  Plus, you can always add in a coupon, 
that is always in their weekly circular, for an additional 
discount which is what I did.

Overall, I am SO happy with my purchase and I just wanted to share!

***This is just my opinion on these jeans.  I was not sponsored
by Kohl's for this post...but, hey, Kohl's, I'll take some more 
jeans if you want to send them my way!***

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