Friday, March 16, 2012

{DIY} Spring Wreath With Felt Flowers

I know that these types of wreaths are all over blogland and I'm a little
late to the party, but since I am such a 
beginner when it comes to anything crafty, I had to have a little fire 
under my tush to get me motivated and the Winter Pinterest Challenge that
Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum is hosting was the perfect solution!
Basically, the Challenge to actually make something that you have pinned on Pinterest.
"Stop Pinning and Start Doing" she says!  
I'm on board!   

I have to say, I'm quite smitten with my little wreath!  

I originally pinned this felt flower tutorial, because, frankly, I find 
felt flowers absolutely adorable and Danielle made it look so super
easy so I decided to give it a whirl!  

Here she is!  

Danielle used yarn to wrap her wreath but since I'm always strapped for
time and wrapping yarn around a wreath seemed like it would take for-evvva,
I decided to use fabric to cover my wreath instead.

Here is what I started with:
Fabric (found on Clearance at Joanne's)
Felt squares 
12 inch foam wreath (my pinspiration used a straw
wreath but I couldn't find one)

I cut the fabric into long strips and about 5 inches wide. I folded it in half so that I would not have 
any rough edges and just started wrapping.  It was about 10:30pm at 
night when I started this project and I realized that I was out of hot glue so I 
actually used straight pins to attach the fabric to the wreath.

Then, the fun part:  the flowers!

I followed Danielle's tutorial exactly (click on the link above
for her tutorial).  Here is what she did.

Cut a circle out of the felt...

Then, add a scalloped edge around the circle...

Start at any point on the circle and begin cutting into the circle in a spiral pattern...

until you end up with this...
(note:  leave that little circle in the very middle that you end up with as is.
Once you roll up the flower that will be the "base" that you use
to glue it all together)

You will end up with a looooong strip of felt.
(At this point, my mom who is my crafter-in-crime thought that I was crazy and 
had ruined a perfectly good piece of felt.  But, have faith my friends!)

Then, starting at the "tail" end, start rolling up your felt tightly adding glue in 
here and there along the way...

And here is what you end up with!  
My mom the skeptic was so impressed! 

I made a few more flowers using the same technique in assorted colors
and added in some green leaves.

And here is the finished project again!

Next week I will show you where this cutie is now living along with my
Spring/Easter mantle!  

I am also linking up this post over here:

Pop on over for some other DIY Pinterest Challenge ideas!!!  

Have a great weekend, loves!!!

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