Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Curtains!

Sometimes we move at a snail's pace around here!  It's always so chaotic with the
kiddos and activities (plus the hubby was going to school at night all throughout the fall) 
so it's pretty busy around here.  You may remember, I found the perfect curtain panels
back in September at West Elm for a steal at $25 a panel.  Just haven't 
gotten around to hanging them.  

Well, wait no more!  I got them hung over the weekend and I am so completely 
thrilled with them!  Check them out!

I am amazed at how much window treatments can soften up a room instantly.  Plus I just LOVE the
added pop of color.  These were the perfect shade of funky green
that I was looking for.  (This color was called "pear".  I just checked West Elm's website and they
are no longer available.  Again, I found them on major sale so I'm guessing they are no
longer carrying them)

You can see my beloved buffet on the right.  Just before the buffet, to the right,
is the hallway leading to the dining room and master bedroom.  The buffet is on a small wall
and beyond that wall it opens up to the kitchen, just to give you a full idea of the space.

Just for fun, here is how it looked before the window panels:

And after!!!

I think that this room is finally coming together!  I've tried to add a lot of color
as well as feminine accents to help tone down the masculine couch.
So tell me, what do you think???


  1. Loooking Guuuude, sista!

    Me likes the pop of color!


  2. They look fabulous! My favorite color is green so I love any and every shade of it! These are such a great color and what a great price! Can't beat that!

  3. The color makes all the difference! Looks like a different room, Jones! You know I have a green problem, so I love them. Our living room curtains are WE, too, and I think Nat’s bedroom ones are, too. 3 for 3...I love them all! You’re house looks great!


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