Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lamps....keep 'em???

A few weeks ago I asked for advice regarding the wall space 
above the buffet.  It was suggested that I attempt 
a gallery wall.  I love that idea and I definitely want to 
do one up in the bonus room/playroom.

I think what was really bugging me a little about the buffet is that 
I tend to be very symmetrical and the one lamp was 
throwing me off.  

I saw these cute little lamps at Home Goods last week and loved them but it was 
pouring down rain and I was running late and I just didn't feel like 
messing with them.  But those little lamps have been haunting me since.
I stopped in today and low and behold, they were still there!


I completely love them.  But I'm not sure if they are too short since the 
wall space above the buffet is so massive???

My creative juices have been flowing and I am thinking about attempting
my own version of a chevron painting.
(I'm late to the party on the whole chevron thing, but I am completely 
obsessed!  I want everything in my house to be chevron!)  

So, can you visualize a tall painting above the buffet?
Are these little lamps keepers?
Help a sista out!   


  1. The lamps are super, and look great on the blue. It's really just a preference thing, as to whether you like the height or not. Place a stack of books under each and see if you prefer more height. I think your painting idea is a great one, or a big diy starburst mirror?

    that buffet is such a pretty piece!

  2. I do agree something needs to draw your eyes upward so please let your artistic jucies flow and paint the zigs and zags in the colors you want and like :) Get those paints and brushes out of the closet today...or tomorrow! Great job you're doing up there!


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