Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Card Display

I LOVE me some Christmas cards!  I so look forward to checking my mail each day during December and seeing all of the adorable family pictures and sweet holiday greetings.  But, problem is, I never quite knew how to display them so I usually ended up tossing them in a basket.  That is, until I saw this idea over at Hi Sugarplum!  It's a perfect solution!  

So cute, right???  It's super easy!  I picked up some cute glittery ribbon at Michael's at 50% off and used double stick tape (well, actually, I used Hollywood Fashion Tape because it was all that I had!) to attach it to the cabinet.  Then, I attached the cards to the ribbon using teeny tiny clothes pins, also found at Michael's.    

Now, I just need to put more ribbon on a few more of my cabinets because I've already filled up these!  I love it!  I love that I can now enjoy all of these beautiful pictures of my dear friends and family all throughout the holidays!

What about you?  Any other creative ways to display and enjoy your Christmas cards?

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