Friday, December 16, 2011

Entryway and Front Door

Happy Friday, y'all!  I've got three sick kiddos.  Yuck.  Snotty noses and lots of sneezes.  Poor babes.

Today I am sharing with you my entryway and front door!  
Nothing too spectacular.  Again, with the kiddos, I can't put out too much because that is just a disaster waiting to happen.  I have tons of Christmas nicknacks and whatnot so I had to be selective and only put out my favorites.   I hung a simple garland around the mirror and attached bows on each corner. 
The cross stitch "Merry Christmas" was done by my mother-in-law and I just love it.
My grandmother always had one of those little ceramic Christmas trees and I was telling my mom how much I loved them and she found me my very own at a thrift shop.  
Ain't she cute?

And here is the front door with my very first every DIY wreath!  I know it's nothing spectacular but I'm quite happy with it!  Just a few glittery sprig thingies, some ornaments and some ribbon....waa laa!

I love this vintage milk crate.  For fall I had pumpkins and gourds in it.  I wanted to continue using it through Christmas so I put some firewood and some tree trimmings in there and wrapped it with a bow.  

We actually "glittered" this letter ourselves!  All of the pre-made ones were around $20 and that was just too steep for me.  We found this cardboard letter for $3 then spray painted it with spray adhesive and glittered away!  That's more like it!

Thanks for checking in!  Hope you all have a fab weekend!!

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