Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So, as I mentioned previously, I'm currently working on a mini-makeover for my living room. I sent photos of the space to the fabulous Shelli at A' la mode Interiors and she created an inspirational board for me complete with photos and that really helped me visualize the space in a whole new light. (She can do the same for you! Be sure to check out her website! She is ahhh-mazing!!) I found some pillows and a new mirror at Home Goods and could see it all coming together!!!

Here is the before pic of the fireplace. It's okay, but seemed so dark and needed some color. Plus, I've had those same vases with the grass in them for going on eight years. I needed a change!!!

Here it is now. I had hoped to hang my fab new mirror over the weekend, but I'm a goofball and had not removed the mirror from it's packaging and missed the fact that I needed some hanging wire to hang it. Duh!

After I purchased my new pillows I was pumped to see that they perfectly matched the curtain panels that were currently in the bonus room. They were not in use because the kiddos liked to pull and yank on them so they were folded up over the top of the rod. Trust me, not a good look. So, I was happy about giving them new life and not having to buy new ones. Score!

The window in the living room, for whatever reason, never had a window treatment so I was looking forward to adding more color to the room and softening it up a bit. I went to Target and purchased a new curtain rod and enlisted the help of my father-in-law to hang them. But, upon further investigation, they are not going to work after all. They aren't long enough. I just assumed that they would work, but nope. Again...duh, Jennifer!

Need. Hanging. Wire. Stat!
Soooooooo, my makeover madness is at a standstill. I need to find new curtain panels. I need hanging wire. And while we're at it, I need a new coffee table and a new colorful chair to set beside the fireplace. I lurve this little chair that I found at Target online. What do you think? Cute, right? Is it too small??? And I've been stalking Craigslist for a round wood coffee table. I had hoped to find one for super cheap as I'm planning on painting it white. But no luck yet.

So, that's where we are for now! Thanks for checking in!

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