Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Happy Monday, Y'all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I sure did! I had the BEST day on Saturday. It all started with a coffee table that I found on Craigslist. When Shelli suggested a round coffee table in her board for my living room I was on a mad hunt for one. With the new round mirror over the mantle and the lines of the sectional, I agreed that a round coffee table would be ideal. BUT, I have been searching for weeks and weeks without any luck finding one in my price range (which was, oh, twenty bucks!). I was really hoping to find something at a yard sale or at the flea market for super cheap. However, my stalking on Criagslist paid off as I found one for $15! It's not solid wood of course and it's probably not my 'forever' coffee table, but it will certainly work for now and the price was unbelievable! One small problem was that the seller lived about 100 miles from me. The seller was willing to hold it for me through the weekend and so I decided to make a day of it! I called my mom and my grandmother and we planned a fun day together. It was the best! We rode out to the country to get my little table (which I forgot to get a picture of! I left it with my stepdad who is going to paint it white for me. Thanks Poppie!), then we went shopping and had a fabulous lunch and shopped some more. It was a full day and I savored every minute of it! And MAJOR props to my awesome hubby who kept the kids all day by himself! (Literally, I was gone before the kids woke up that morning and they were in bed when I got home late that evening...we ladies like to shop it down!)

I had these white letters that I wanted to paint silver to hang over the stove. While we were shopping my stepdad painted them for me (thanks again, Poppie) and I hung them up using some adhesive putty. So far they are staying up! I think they look cute!

Here we all are in Franklin enjoying our day together!
Will post pics of the coffee table soon as well as the NEW chair that Santa got for me! Merry early Christmas to ME!

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