Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mismatched Dining Room

Disclaimer. I am noooooooooooo interior designer. I love to look at pictures in magazines and I stalk many of your fabulous home design blogs, but I am completely new at this. I am constantly finding new ideas and inspiration and reading all of my favorite design blogs has inspired me to spruce my house up a bit. I'm learning as I go so don't laugh at my little dining room, mmmkay?!?! I just want my home to be comfortable and surround myself with things that I love. My husband and I are both extremely sentimental and our dining room is a perfect example of that as all of the pieces in there were given to us by our dear grandparents who have recently passed.

This corner cupboard was my husband's grandmother's. We both absolutely love it. It houses all of our wedding china as well as a complete set of Christmas china that she gave to me.

Okay, so this little bar is not really sentimental and has actually been with my husband since his bachelor days along with the framed art. But, it's working for now so we've left it in there.

The dining room table and chairs were given to me by my stepmom (which I hate calling her that since she has been my 2nd mom for going on 30 years). They belonged to her dad, who I adored, and she recalls eating many holiday dinners around that table and so do I as a child. When I received the set last year the chairs had the original cushions on them which was a lovely velvet in a shade of mustard yellow. I wish that I had taken a picture of them before having them recovered but I think I was so ready to see the mustard cushions go that I didn't even think about it. Here they are now. So much better!!! I am also contemplating painting the chairs white. What do you think?

This pie safe was also my husband's grandmother's. She gave it to us when we first bought the house. It is currently our bar housing wine, liqueur and wine and cocktail glasses.

Someday I envision a cool drum shade chandelier hanging over the table.
So, even though none of these pieces match, they all work for us and it makes us happy to have something that was treasured by those that we loved dearly.

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