Monday, August 22, 2011

Just My Luck!

I'm really bad about saving up things for a special occasion or deeming something too special or too nice for everyday use. But, I try to remind myself that not using something that you have is really pointless and that you should enjoy your things. Case in point, this Tiffany vase that was a wedding gift 9 years ago. I've NEVER used it. It stayed in the box for a couple of years and then I finally got it out and had it sitting out in our guest bedroom. My sweet mom surprised me with some fresh flowers yesterday (thanks mom! I love em!) so I thought, hey I'm going to go get that Tiffany vase and use it! It has never even seen the likes of a drop of water so I was excited to finally use it!

But, guess what? While filling it up with water (for the FIRST TIME EVER, mind you) I hit it on the side of the kitchen sink and dinged up the bottom. REALLY? Seriously, that is the kind of luck I have.
Oh well. Unfortunately, the piece that chipped off was in four pieces so there is no hope of repair. At least the floral design is on both sides of the vase and I can turn it around and no one will ever notice. But, REALLY?? But, if that is the worst thing that happens to me, life is pretty good! Happy Monday, y'all!

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