Thursday, August 25, 2011

Main Bathroom

There is one main room in the house that everyone sees that also needed some love. The main bathroom. Plus, I've been spending A LOT of time in there lately as we are in the midst of potty training the triplets so I didn't want this room to get left out! This is one of two bathrooms in our home, the other being the master in our bedroom.

I hung these beachy theme pictures in here that were in our bathroom.

Funny how moving things that you already have around gives them new life! This antique medicine cabinet belonged to my mother-in-law. She used to collect old vintage medicines and medicine bottles and had them displayed in the cabinet. When my in-laws moved several years ago we inherited the cabinet along with the medicines. My husband was attached to this cabinet and the medicines. He remembers admiring them when he was a child. But, when I moved the beachy pictures to this bathroom I decided that I wanted to make the cabinet more neutral and keep the beach theme going. I removed the medicines and filled the cabinet with seashells and soaps and some other bath essentials. The glass canister on top of the commode is filled with seashells that my husband and I collected on a trip to Jekyll Island, GA which is where he proposed to me 11 years ago!
A closer look at the cabinet...

Look at all of the potties all lined up! Seriously? How cute is that!
I eventually want some new rugs for the bathroom along with new towels. I'm also thinking that the tub needs a shower curtain to soften and warm up the space....but, that is way down on my wish list!

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